2018 Young Artist Scholarship Competition Winners

Winners will be posted Monday, March 5, 2018. First place winners will be notified by phone. Critique sheets will be mailed to all contestants.

Awards for 1st, 2nd and honorable mention in each category are at the judges’ discretion. If a category does not have a contestant that averages a score with the appropriate minimum, it is possible that that category will not have a 1st place winner (or 2nd or Honorable Mention).

Competition Category Award Student Teacher
College Advanced Voice 1st place Josey Poppin Richard Joseph
  2nd place Annie Tillotson Carol Eikum
  Honorable Mention Paul Capparelli Joy Amel
College Intermediate Voice 1st place Tessa Larson Anne Nash
  2nd place Molly Hayes Joy Amel
  Honorable Mention Harper Atchison Carol Eikum
College Strings 1st place Sofia Schutte Sally O'Reilly
  2nd place Mary Alice Hutton Sally O'Reilly
  Honorable Mention Olivia Martin Tanya Remenikova
College Piano 1st place Daniel Eras Alexander Braginsky
  2nd place Bowen Liu Richard Lange
  Honorable Mention Ines Guanchez Alexander Braginsky
College Woodwinds/brass 1st place tie Hui Zhang John Miller
  1st place tie Matthew Pilmer Preston Duncan
  Honorable Mention Annika Johnson Andrew Harris
High School Voice 1st place Sarah Butler Vicki Fingalson-Madison
  2nd place Caitlin Sparks Judy Bender
  Honorable Mention Hannah Quick Judy Bender
High School Strings 1st place tie Madeline Sheard Mina Fisher
  1st place tie Katia Tesarczyk Sally O'Reilly
  2nd place Joyce Zhao Sally O'Reilly
  Honorable Mention Laura Aldana Sally O'Reilly
High School Piano 1st place Kimberly Shen Alexander Braginsky
  2nd place tie Brianne Ulrich Dr. Paul Wirth
  2nd place tie Kiril Nazarov Alexander Braginsky
  Honorable Mention Chen Chen Denis Evstuhin
High School Winds/Brass 1st place Rebecca Tank Nancy McMillan
  2nd place Charles Gannon Preston Duncan
  Honorable Mention Andrea Kloehn Immanuel Davis
Junior High Strings 1st place James Thompson Sally O'Reilly
  2nd place Andrea Wallick Tanya Remenikova
  Honorable Mention Emily Kleiber Wendy Tangen-Foster
  Honorable Mention Jennifer Lee Sally O'Reilly
Junior High Piano 1st place Jacob Taggart Dr. Reid Smith
  2nd place Skyler Chan Alexander Braginsky
  Honorable Mention Sarah Zhang Jessica Hong
Junior High Winds/Brass 1st place Kalina Lee Carrie Vecchione


Category Judge
College Advanced Voice Monica Murray
College Advanced, College Intermediate, & Senior High Voice Larry Weller
College Advanced, College Intermediate, & Senior High Voice Melyssa Rice
College Intermediate, & HS Voice Harriet McCleary
College Piano Dr. Kevin Hobbs
College Piano Heather McLaughlin
Junior & Senior High Piano  Dr. Yumiko Oshima-Ryan
Junior High Piano Dr. Grace Choi
Junior High Piano Elizabeth Karelse
Junior High Strings Aja Majkrzak
Junior, Senior High & College Woodwinds/Brass Aaron Hedenstrom
Junior, Senior High & College Woodwinds/Brass Carson King-Fournier
Junior, Senior High & College Woodwinds/Brass Cynthia Stokes
Junior, Sr. High & College Strings Ewa Bujak
Junior, Sr. High & College Strings Ruth Marshall
Senior High and College Strings Rolf Haas
Senior High Piano Amy Grinsteiner
Senior High Piano Narissa Strong Bach

Winners' Concert Photos

More photos from the Competition are available on our Facebook page.