Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Sylvia Wilson

Monica Murray
Vice President - Membership

Ingrid Koller
Laurie Merz
Vice President -  Artist Series

Mary Hunt
Vice President - Auditions

Judy Blomgren
Russell Dedrick
Charles Wazanowski
Vice President - Student Section

Luana Mitchell
Recording Secretary

Michael Santoro

Board of Directors
Nanette Goldman
Beth Blackledge
Community Concerts

Rolf Erdahl
Educational Outreach Chair

Judy Olson
April Hanson
Home Programs

Dorothy Boen
Dorothy Gross
Home Programs Reservations Chairs

Pat Nortwen
Long-Range Planning Chair

Liz Nordling
Nominating Chair

Lois Cooper

Carolyn Britton

Pat Forse
Financial Oversight Chair

Liz Nordling
Personnel Chair

Dorothy Boen
Bylaws Committee Chair

Sandra Saliny
Marian Hoffman

Megan Millett
Operations Manager

Jenny Olmanson


Thursday Musical is dedicated to presenting fine classical music programs featuring outstanding local musicians and offering educational opportunities to artists and audiences alike. 

Thursday Musical, one of the oldest arts organizations in the country, was founded in 1892 by group of 12 women from Minneapolis, MN. Several of them had recently returned from classical music studies in eastern cities of the United States or Europe and wanted to continue their studies as well as perform. They formed a music club called, The Ladies Thursday Musicale, modeled on other musical clubs, in particular, the then 10-year old Schubert Club based in St. Paul, MN. They held their first recital on Thursday, November 10, 1892 at 10:30 am. 

Thursday Musical has a legacy of providing innovative and affordable concert programs to Twin Cites audiences. Currently, Thursday Musical supports three distinctive recital series featuring the wealth of classical solo and chamber ensemble repertoire: the Thursday Morning Artist Series, Home Programs, and Community Concerts.

Since 1894, Thursday Musical also has a rich tradition of providing musical inspiration and education to young audiences. The Young Artist Scholarship Competition encourages developing musicians through recital and scholarship competition opportunities. The Music In Our Schools program offers sponsored visiting educational music programs for the classroom that serve to build future audiences and inspire young performers.