Music In Our Schools

Sponsored Visiting Music Programs for Educational Institutions

Thursday Musical’s Music In Our Schools program offers sponsored visiting educational music programs for the classroom that serve to build future audiences and inspire young performers. 

Thursday Musical also partners with the Young Peoples Symphony Concert Association (YPSCA) to bring musicians into the schools to familiarize the students with the music and instruments they will hear prior to attending Minnesota Orchestra concerts. 

To schedule a free program and/or for additional information, please contact:

Rolf Erdahl
Coordinator, Music In Our Schools

Rolf Erdahl and Carrie Vecchione

Rolf Erdahl and Carrie Vecchione

Current Programs Offered

The Second Winds

Presented by Amy Morris, Nina Olsen, and Laurie Merz

Age: 7-12th Grade

Instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon

Topics: How Music is Fun; Song and Dance; 

Is this Music Good? (How to be a Good Listener);

Keeping it Light; The Woodwind Ensemble Grows Up;

Working in Harmony; Instrument Introduction and Q&A

The Northern Lights String Quartet

Presented by Carolyn Liptak, Kathryn Christie, Stella Anderson, and David Holmes

Age: K-12th Grade

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello

Topics: Introducing the String Quartet;

Instrument Introduction and Exploration;

How Communication is an Essential Part of Making Music;

Different Tones and Colors of Music; Different Musical

Periods and their Composers; AFormal Recital

(Programs may also be tailored for specific requests.)

Pages of Music with Rolf and Carrie

Presented by Rolf Erdahl and Carrie Vecchione

Age: K-6th Grade

Instruments: Oboe, Bass


Programs offered:

K-2nd grade: Music is For Everybody!

3-4th grade: Mozart the Boy Genius

3-5th grade: The Carnival of the Animals

4-6th grade: The Science of Music

5-6th grade: The Remarkable Music Machine: An Introduction to the Orchestra

Program support for Music In Our Schools is provided by The Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation, Harlan Boss Foundation for the Arts, Twin Cities Opera Guild, Young People’s Symphony Concert Association and individual donors.