Board of Directors Ballot

Please submit your vote by June 6, 2018.

Thursday Musical asks you to vote on Board Members for the following positions:

President (2-year term) - Sylvia Wilson
VP I - Membership - ??
VP II - Artist Series (2-year term) - Kristine Denton
VP II - Artist Series (2-year term) - ??
Home Programs ( 2-year term) - Sandra Stenzel
Home Programs Reservations (2-year term) - Susan Jones
Treasurer (2-year term) - Michael Santoro
Educational Outreach (2-year term) - ??
VP IV - Student Section (3-year term) - Judy Blomgren
VP IV - Student Section (2-year term) - Russell Dedrick

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Nominee Biographies

Kristine Denton - Nominee for Artist Series

Kristine West Denton has performed across the country, in Canada, and Germany as a soloist and collaborative pianist. She recently retired from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Previously, she taught at Grinnell College, Coe College and Fort Hays State University.

She was a frequent soloist with the Erie Philharmonic and played keyboards for the Erie Philharmonic, Erie Chamber Orchestra and the Bemus Bay Pops. She performed on live broadcasts from WKSU (Kent, OH), WCLV (Cleveland) and WQLN (Erie) in collaborative performances. She administered and performed in a free concert series at the Erie County Public Library and served on the Arts Council of Erie.

A concert review from the Badische Zeitung (Freiburg, Germany) called her “an excellent soloist and an intelligent and sensitive accompanist” while a recipient of a Collaborative Fulbright Grant.

She attended the vocal accompanying program at the Music Academy of the West and the vocal and instrumental programs of the Blossom Festival School, studying with Martin Katz, Warren Jones and Cleveland Orchestra members.

Susan Jones - Nominee for Home Programs Reservations

Susan Jones is a graduate of Minnesota State University, where she studied oboe with Dr. Clayton Tiede. She also studied with R.J. Angelucci of the Minnesota Orchestra and at the University of Northern Iowa with Thomas Barry. Susan performs as a soloist, in a trio, and in a woodwind octet. She has been a member of the St. Paul Civic, Minnetonka, Augustana, Mankato Symphonies and The Larry Dalton Orchestra. She teaches private lessons and ensemble classes at Chaska Music Studios.

Judy Blomgren - Re-election for VP IV Student Section

I received my Bachelors in Music Education degree in 1976 from Mankato State University achieving the top Conductor award from the music department. I began my teaching career in the Anoka Hennepin School district in 1978. During my tenure, my 8th-9th grade Orchestra was selected to perform at the Minnesota Music Educators Convention in 1987. In 1992 I was appointed as the Orchestra director at Champlin Park High School teaching until my retirement in 2014. While at Champlin Park I was selected as one of the 20 “TOP” teachers in the Anoka Hennepin District in 2001. I was a finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the year in 2003. In 2003 also I was awarded my Masters of Arts in Education from St. Catherines University. In 2009 my Orchestra was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall, after an intensive audition process. After my retirement in 2014 I was appointed as an adjunct faculty member at North Hennepin Community College in September of 2015 to the present time. I give instrumental string lessons, and direct the North Hennepin Community College Orchestra. Also I have been a Church Organist at numerous churches since 1978, presently serving at Our Saviours Lutheran Church in East Bethel.

Russell Dedrick - Re-election for VP IV Student Section

Russell Dedrick studied at the Manhattan School of Music and directed the New Music Ensemble at Mannes School of Music in New York. He played in the Orquesta del Estado de Mexico, in Toluca, Mexico, for two seasons. Locally, he has performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, VocalEssence and many other orchestras and chamber music groups, including the Dedrick Flute Duo and Monarch Trio.


Changes to Bylaws

The current by-law is listed first followed by the proposed changes.

I).  Current by-law:  Article IV-Government, Section 1. Meetings, A.  Annual Meeting
1.     The powers of Thursday Musical shall be vested in the membership at the Annual Meeting.
2.     It shall be held in April or May of each year.
3.     25 members shall constitute a quorum.

Proposed Change for #3:  20 members shall constitute a quorum.
Rational: Membership has declined so 25 members is a challenge to get.

II.) Section 2. Officers, A. Elected Officers
1.  The elected officers shall be
   a.      President
   b.     President-Elect
   c.      Vice President-Membership

Proposed Change:  Eliminate b. President Elect
Rational: This position hasn’t been filled in 6 years or so.

2.     The Elected officers shall hold office for a term of two years or until their successors are elected.  They shall serve no more than two successive terms in the same office.
   a.      The President-Elect shall serve a term of one year.
   b.     Vice Presidents-Student Section shall serve terms of three years.

Proposed Change:  Eliminate "They shall serve no more than two successive terms in the same office.
a.    The President-Elect shall serve a term of one year."

Rational:  Some positions require special skills that are hard to find replacements for and it takes a year or so to become good at the position.  Eliminate President-Elect as a position. 

Section 3.  the Board of Directors
               C.  Vacancies in Elected Office
                              1. President
a.     When there is a President-Elect in office, the President-Elect shall assume the office of the President.
b.     When there is no President-Elect in office, the Vice President-Membership shall assume the office of the President.  This person shall have full authority to act as President until the next Annual Meeting.

Proposed Change:  Eliminate references to the office of President Elect. 

Section 4. Executive Council
A.     Membership includes the President, President-Elect, Vice President-Membership, Recording Secretary, Treasurer or designated financial representative, one selected representative of the programmers, and a Student Section member.

Proposed Change:  Eliminate the reference to the President-Elect.

Section 6. Duties and Requirements of Elected Officers
A.     President-Elect
1.     Shall have been an elected member of the Board of Directors
2.     Shall be a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Council during the final year of the current President’s term.
3.     Shall assume the position of Thursday Musical President after serving one year as President-Elect.

Proposed Change:  Eliminate the position of the President-Elect.

Section 9. Staff
A.     Operations Manager
2.     Shall be responsible for editing Uptempo, the Thursday Musical newsletter.
3.     The Uptempo Editor’s publications shall serve as the annual report. 

Proposed Change:  Eliminate  #3 as the position of UpTempo editor no longer exists.

C.    Executive Director
1.     Shall be hired by the Board of Directors.
2.     Shall work with the President and be subject to his/her direction.
3.     Shall perform tasks as outlined in the job description.
4.     Shall receive an annual job review conducted by the Personnel Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  

Proposed Change:  Eliminate section C. Executive Director as this position no longer exists.


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